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white golden retriever breeder

Are you looking for a trusted White Golden Retriever breeder? This article has the answer!

There are many White Golden Retriever breeders, but not all of them are trustworthy and ethical. This is why I created a list of the top White Golden Retriever breeders near you, to help you make the wise choice of choosing the best breeder for you!

Dogs with unique colors, in general, have become very popular lately. English Cream Golden Retrievers are no different. They are also known as white European Retrievers and white Golden Retrievers. Their light cream coats stand out from the yellow and reddish-gold coats that Goldens usually have.

If you’re thinking of getting one of these gorgeous white-coated beauties, I suggest you read and check out our guide on finding the best breeder and our list of reputable White Golden Retriever breeders!

What Is The White Golden Retriever?

An all-white Golden Retriever is a Golden Retriever that has a pale-colored coat. These dogs are lighter than their golden-toned cousins and have a creamy, white-ish coat. Over time, the differences between these dogs have become more apparent.

In the 19th century, Scottish breeders created Golden Retrievers. Over the course of 50 years, this dog breed has been developed. Over time, many different breeds were added to the mix to make the dog we love today.

The standard Golden Retriever breed was eventually born. This is probably due to the breed’s varied genetic background.

Over time, the two types of golden-toned dogs developed into different breeds or variations. These are the American Golden Retriever and the White Golden Retriever.

The white Golden Retriever is a general name for English cream Golden Retriever. This is due to the lighter coats of this breed, hence the white name.

These dogs are also known by many other names such as platinum retriever or rare white European retriever, platinum import Golden Retriever, or as I call them it in this article; White Golden Retrievers.

American dog lovers are starting to be interested in English cream Golden Retriever puppies. However, this doesn’t mean that they are uncommon.

These dogs are not uncommon and can be easily spotted throughout the United States. Beware of breeders and anyone who claims otherwise because they are probably trying to scam you.

How much does a white gold retriever cost ?

Golden Retrievers can be purchased for anywhere from $500 to $2,500, no matter what color they are, depending on their location and the breeder’s reputation. It also depends on whether the puppy is descended from champion lines.


Expect to pay $500 to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy that has not been cleared for health or genetic testing. Anything higher than this is a scam.

Pet Store

Prices can vary depending upon how reliable the pet store is and how well the puppy was bred. Buying your white Golden Retriever from a pet store will cost anywhere from $500 to $1000.


A healthy White Golden Retriever puppy purchased from a trusted breeder should cost between $1,500-$2,500. This price will go up for dogs that descend from champion bloodlines.

White Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Many breeders in America promise good White Golden Retriever Puppies, but they don’t provide enough information about the bloodline, pedigree, and overall health.

A reliable breeder is essential to owning the perfect pet. You don’t have to worry if you’re unsure who you can trust. We got you covered!

How can you tell if a White Golden Retriever breeder has a good reputation ?

A puppy buyer who isn’t experienced can have difficulty discerning a responsible breeder from one who is reckless.

It’s easy to find a great White Golden Retriever Puppy breeder by visiting your local Golden Retriever Club’s website. Although they will be able to recommend a breeder who is reputable, it is your responsibility to do your own research.

First, both the mom and father will have OFA clearances for hips, elbows, and hearts, as well as clearances for eyes. which is a yearly exam. You can check the dogs’ registered names at and view proof of clearances.

They’ll also have pedigrees from a few generations before the breed of dogs they’re breeding.

Important Questions to Ask Breeders

  • Are Sire and Dam hip, elbow, and eye certifications verifiable at
  • Do you sell with a written contract? Can I get a copy to read in advance?
  • Are you part of the Golden Retriever Club of America or your local Golden Retriever club? Would you please provide references + from Golden club members?
  • Before your puppies go home, are they examined by a veterinarian?
  • How do you usually socialize your puppy?
  • How long have you been breeding?
  • Can we schedule a visit to your place to see the dogs?
  • What is the health and temperament of the sire, dam, parents, siblings, and offspring?
  • Do or did they experience any of these symptoms:
    • Temperament concerns
    • Lameness or stiffness
    • Skin problems
    • Epilepsy or seizures
    • Ichthyosis
    • Food allergy
    • Pigmentary uveitis
    • Prcd-PRA, PRA1, PRA2

Best English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders In The United States

Our team has put together a list of some of the top American breeders to help you in your search for the perfect English Cream Golden Retriever puppy. This list is a great resource for finding your four-legged friend.

Majestic Manor Goldens

Majestic Manor Goldens, the first breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers in the United States, is Number 1 . Majestic Manor family is the perfect place to fall in love with bright-cream Golden Retrievers. Their passion is sharing this breed with loving families as a family-run company. Their dogs can freely roam on 10 acres while they learn and grow. They have been breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers for over a decade and have loved them since 2012.

The parent dogs that they use for breeding are from different places around the globe. Their litters are proof of their high quality, which means that the puppies are also healthy and in good shape. Apart from ensuring the health and well-being of Golden Retrievers, the team also focuses on raising English Cream Golden Retrievers with the right temperament and training to be a great companions for families.

Majestic Manor Goldens Details:

Location: Sheridan, IL
Website: Majestic Manor Goldens
Phone: 317-606-0616

Recherche Goldens

Recherche Goldens is the home for the finest English Cream/White Golden Retrievers. You’ll be swept off your feet from the moment you see them!

You can be sure to find one of North Carolina’s most beautiful dogs with a strong pedigree and many prizes.

The Recherche Kennel offers health certificates to all adult dogs. This includes health clearances for the eyes, heart, elbow, and hip. This ensures that your future White Golden Retriever puppy’s parents are in good health and in good overall condition.

Recherche Goldens Details:

Location: Statesville, NC
Website: Recherche Goldens
Phone: 980-223-2779

White Sand English Golden Retrievers

White Sand English Golden Retrievers is last on our American list of English Cream Golden Retriever breeders. Since 2004, their team has been researching and refining their Golden Retriever breeding methods to ensure the highest quality. They import their dogs from Europe and keep true to the English Cream heritage. For the best socialization, dogs are raised in a home setting. Dogs are also raised with an emphasis on their health, temperament, and overall structure.

Keep in mind that they are very strict about standards and will look to you as a responsible owner willing to accept the responsibility of owning a dog.

White Sand English Golden Retrievers Details:

Location: Headland, AL
Website: White Sand English Golden Retrievers
Phone: 334-790-7994


All the Golden Retriever breeders listed here love their Golden Retrievers puppies and care deeply about them.
Every breeder will ensure that you get a great dog that will fill your heart with love and warm your home with happiness and warmth.

You can reach each breeder through their websites, email, or phone to find out more about available puppies or upcoming litters.