How do I take care of a 1-month old Golden Retriever puppy


Golden retriever puppy

To take care of golden retrievers puppies, you just need to provide them Good nutrition, companionship, and affection, those are important factors for your golden retrievers to be healthy, besides, you need to visit veterinary care regularly, and give them plenty of exercises. Also, to stimulate their mind you need to provide them with the basic canine training so they behave properly in any place.

The only time a golden retriever puppy is going to need special care is when He getS sick, you will have to give him extra attention and treat him depends on the disease He got. It is recommended to check a veterinarian regularly to prevent such problems in the future.

1.   Golden Retrievers Puppies Nutrition

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the care of golden retriever puppy, is nutrition. It is important to know that Golden retrievers puppies should be fed by their mother because they can’t feed themselves, However, if their mother’s milk wasn’t enough, You can add some supplements to help golden retriever baby to grow. Although keep in mind that you must follow the veterinarian prescription so your dog puppies won’t have any side effects.

On the contrary, Golden puppies that are old enough to take care of themselves should eat a balanced meal, and follow a solid diet, it’s recommended to seek the help of a veterinarian to choose the right food and the perfect diet for your golden retriever puppy, to provide them with the nutrition that they need, although when it comes to the best food for this dog puppies, many people have different opinions, some prefer kibbles for their puppies, and some prefer to cook their dog’s food, some also argue that you should feed your dogs raw food, but the best method if your dog is newly adopted puppy, to ask his previews owners, the type of food They used to give him. In any other case, you should always see a veterinarian for diets and meal frequency.

2.   The Amount of Food You Should Give Your 1-month old Golden Retriever Puppy Daily

Generally, Golden retrievers puppies should be fed three to four times a day, on the other hand, adult puppies should be fed twice a day, keep in mind that it is important to teach your 1 month old golden retriever puppy to stay away from the food plat and don’t touch it until you allow Him, as result, your golden retriever puppy is going to learn how to behave in certain places.

You also  should always provide clean and freshwater for your dog puppies throughout the day.

3.   Additional  nutrition guide for your golden retriever

It’s Important to Mix food when you try to change your golden retriever puppy’s meal to a new type of food (for example from puppy ration to adult dog ration), so your dog gets used to the new food easily.

You should never give sweet to your 1 month old golden retriever puppy no matter the diet you choose to follow, because even chocolate can be very deadly and harmful for your dog. So, avoid it!  to protect your beloved golden retriever puppy.

Since Golden retriever tends to be obese, it’s very important to balance the amount of food you are giving to your dog with the amount of exercise that your golden retriever puppy does, and if you are using traits as a method to train your dog, take some of your golden retriever puppy daily rations, so you make it up for the extra calories you added from the trait during training, however, don’t take a lot from your puppy daily ration, because he also burns calories as he trains.

4.   How To Clean and Take Care Of Your Golden Retriever Puppy

There is no need for any private cuts or special care when you are dealing with Golden retrievers puppies, you just need to brush their fur frequently.

You should always brush your golden retriever puppy by using the bristle brush, it’s the best brush that can comfort your puppy. It’s recommended to brush golden retrievers puppies once a day, especially during the time your dog starts to change his fur, to avoid the accumulation of dead hair and the hairy miss that your dog will leave anywhere in the house, you also going to protect him from parasites and infections, besides you are going to protect him from the knots that could cause pain to your precious dog.

As soon as you see your golden retriever puppy start losing hair or even has blubbery areas, you should see a veterinarian, because it may indicate physical problems or  it could be a sign that your golden retriever puppy is having health problems; such as emotional problems (chronic stress) or skin allergies.

5.   How To Shower Your Golden Retriever Puppy

You don’t need to shower your golden retriever puppy frequently, you only shower him when he gets dirty, and if you bath him frequently, you are going to damage the protective layer of his hair.

There are many options to bath your golden retriever puppy without hurting him.

  • a.   firstly, you can use dry shampoos, it is available for sale at pet stores, it’s recommended to use them more often than the regular shampoo.
  • b.   Secondly, you can simply use clean and dry sheets to clean your puppy.
  • c.     Thirdly, you can use water to wash your dog, but don’t use shampoo, because it may hurt his ears.

You should always pay attention to the ears of your puppy, and take care of them, because golden retriever breed is known to suffer from parasites in the ear such as; yeast, fungi, and fleas… so its important to clean their ears frequently. You should visit the veterinarian immediately, as soon as your golden retriever puppy starts scratching hard or scraping his ears against the walls or the ground because he may be suffering from ear infections or have some parasites in them.

Unfortunately, Golden retrievers puppies are prone to ear infections and skin diseases, so you should brush them and check their ears, so you can detect any irregularities in the skin or the hair of your golden retriever puppy, therefore, if you find anything that strikes you, visit a veterinarian.

6.   Training Golden Retrievers Puppies In a Happy Environment

Golden retrievers puppies are known to be a family pet, they have a lovely personality and a warm heart, they also like to be close to people, unlike some dogs, that are used to guard and live in the garden, golden retrievers puppies are also known to be Attention seeker, and if they don’t receive enough attention, they may develop bad habits, such as; biting or digging in the garden, and since golden retrievers puppies are very active dogs, they need to do a lot of exercises.

Exercises are very important for golden retrievers puppies, in one hand, it helps you bond with them, in the another hand, it prevents obesity, that unfortunately, many Golden retrievers puppies are suffering from, therefore,  you can start teaching them easy tricks such as; fetch and brings toys, so they exercise and socialize with you, which can be super important for these dogs. It is recommended to make your puppy play with other dogs and meet new people at a young age.

Moreover, swimming can be a very good exercise for your golden puppy, because they can get bored easily from long walks and socializing, so it is recommended to promote golden retrievers puppies exercises through swimming, especially this breed is known to love water, in the past, it was used for hunting, however, you should never make them jump in the water, and force them to swim, you must let your puppy enter the water of his own free will.

Besides, canine sport is also a good method to train your golden retriever puppy, It helps them burn calories and energies, so they can adapt to live in your house, and stay calm through the night, however, you should check your puppy first before starting this training, because He may be suffering from hip dysplasia or an injury that can limit his mobility,

As I mentioned before, it is important for your golden retriever puppy to have space and a playground, like a garden, so he can both be close to you and live in your home, and exercise outside. But keep in mind that your golden puppy still needs to socialize with other dogs and people.