English Cream Golden Retriever : Information and facts


English Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are such magnificent dogs, they are truly the perfect pet you can have, they are so adorable with their beautiful coat, and loving characteristics. There are many types of golden retriever, American, Canadian, and English Cream golden retriever. This last one is considered the rarest one due to his cream color fur, and his superior build compared to the two other types.

Here is some information about English cream golden retriever:

Origin of English Cream Golden Retriever

In North America, the first cream golden retriever was bred, although his color is brighter than the original golden retriever, he is still considered a golden retriever, however, he wasn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, because their light color, In contrast, the UK Kennel Club accepted the English Cream Golden Retriever since 1936.

English Cream Golden retriever Has a Unique Appearance

Although they are the same as American golden retrievers, their appearance is slightly different than the American and Canadian golden retrieves. English Cream Golden Retrievers are considered taller, males range between 22-24 and females range between 20-22, they are also much stronger, their weight falls between 55-77 pounds, but what makes them stand up the most is the milky golden color and their thick fur.

English Golden Retrievers Have a Perfect Personality

As all golden retriever, their personality is near to perfect, they are very loving dog, smart, protective and loyal, they have everything that you want from a dog, they bring joy easily to your home, also they love playing retrieving game, regardless of how great they are as pet, they are a great hunting dogs, in the past when they were founded, they were used as hunting dogs due to their strong structure.

Health issues That Your Golden Retriever May suffer From

Many people assume that English cream golden retriever has excellent health, due to his white color and his thick fur, on the contrary, he is exposed to many diseases and infections like any kind of golden retriever, for example;

Cancer Threaten Golden Retrievers Life

Unfortunately, this beautiful dog is exposed to cancer more than any other type, in fact, Some studies showed that the highest amount of cancer-related deaths was in Golden Retrievers between the ages of 8-12-9 years, moreover, some research showed gens are the responsible for this disease due to English golden retrievers are breeds, in other words, their anatomy is the one to blame for this disease.

Yeast Infection, The Most Common Ear Problem

yeast infection is a popular sickness among dogs, but English cream golden retriever suffer the most from this disease, luckily this disease is curable, and only infect their ears. Just go to the doctor as soon as you see any of the signs which are; itchiness, bad smell, and swelling. Although it may look like non threaten disease, it may lead to deafness and sometimes death, if not treated early.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Can Make English Golden Retriever Disable For Life

English Golden retrievers are commonly affected with a hip and elbow disease, luckily, it’s easy to treat this disease if it detected early, the sooner diagnosed, the better it can be treated. lameness in their front legs and difficulties to get up are some of the signs of this disease, however, sometimes it’s hard to detect, so its better to see doctors regularly, Or use coconut oil and massage their bodies to help them recover fast, some experts recommend giving them a balanced meal and exercise them 4 times a week to avoid unnecessary injuries. 

The Benefits of having English cream golden retriever

Despite English cream golden retriever health issues, they still considered one of the best dogs, and better than both American and Canadian golden retrievers, due to their high and strong bodies, and choosing this breed comes with a lot of benefits:

English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Golden Retrievers are The Best Family Pet

Without any doubt, they are the best dog you can bring to your family, they are so friendly, and they love children, besides they are so loyal and protective, they would do anything to protect their families, they are also so calm unless you want to play with them, they become more excited and happier which can be a positive thing to exercise your children while playing with them.

 English Golden retrievers are easy to Train

English cream golden retriever is one of the smartest dogs in the world, they’re the 4th smartest dog breed, with their high intelligent, training them is a lot easier, and many dog trainers recommend for first-time dog owners to get English cream golden retriever puppies.

Prices of The English Golden Retriever puppies

Golden retriever price doesn’t change from type to type, instead, they are other factors that determine their price’ such as; the location of the store, the breed, and whether the puppy descends from champion lines. however, the price stays almost the same, golden retrievers price range between 500$ to 1000$ depending on the location, however, the lines of the breed can raise the price to 1500$.

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful, even-tempered, loyal, gentle, intelligent and friendly dog who makes a wonderful family pet whether his coat is cream-colored, golden or dark golden.