Meet Black Golden Retriever: A Rare and Mysterious Breed !


 black golden retrievers

As shocking as it may seem, but not all golden retrievers have golden fur, some of them have different colors, such as the black golden retrievers that considered the rarest out of all golden retriever breed, and Despite their color differences but all golden retrievers share the same characteristics and same loving personality.

In this article we going to answer some of the most popular questions about black golden retriever, for example; what is the origin of the black retriever? Can a golden retriever be black? Do black retrievers have health issues? And many more !

Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix

Lab black golden retriever is the result of mixing two breeds, golden retriever with another black dog, usually with black Labrador, although it may look easy thing to do, but the chances to get black golden retriever are very low, and sometimes results a dog with other genetic problems and the possibility of bad temperament in the litter.

History of Black Golden Retriever

Black golden retrievers were developed in the mid19-th century, to use them in hunt contest, because at that time it was a sport for the wealthy, and to come up with a good retriever for hunt they used spaniel dogs and mix it with many other dogs, as result they come up with the golden retriever, and many years later they mixed it with another retriever type to finally result the black golden retrievers puppies.

Black Golden Retriever Appearance

Black golden retrievers are known with a fancy black coat, and well-balanced bodies,  depends on the sex, males can be 23 to 25 inches with a weight of 60lb to 80lb, on the other hand, females can be 21 to 23 inches with a weight of 55lb to 70lb. these dogs have beautiful dark eyes, and ears are pendant, relatively small, that lie close to the head.

Black Golden Retrievers Temperament

­­­The black golden retrievers are active dogs with very outgoing temperaments often referred to as bouncy and goofy. They are excellent, and loving toward children, friendly to everyone and extremely sociable, therefore makes an excellent choice of family pet if it can be provided with sufficient training, which can be very easy due to their high intelligence, It is recommended that training starts early to help keep them on track and occupied. Without proper training, they may develop unpleasant habits like barking, and chewing, overall, they are all-round great family pet with a wonderful personality.

Black Golden Retriever Health Problems

Unfortunately, black golden retrievers prone to many diseases and health issues due to the breeding process when a desired look or attributes were required.

Just like humans, some dog’s illnesses are minor and some of them are major and can cause death. Here some of the diseases that black golden retriever can suffer from;

Why Do black Golden Retriever Get Cancer ?

Black golden retriever have a greater risk of developing cancer than most breeds, due to their genes that make them prone to many other diseases, in fact, 61% of Golden Retrievers die from cancer. This is twice the rate for other dogs. However, it doesn’t mean all black retrievers are getting cancer, if that the case won’t be as popular as they are now, although it recommended to see a doctor regularly, or check if they have smallish mass in their rib area or if they are limping, because these are the most noticeable symptoms for cancer.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a complex condition where the hip joints of a growing puppy develop abnormal, it’s the most common problem that faces many black golden retrievers, however, there are a few symptoms that owners should be familiar with, such as; Lameness in the hind end, Loss of thigh muscle mass, Swaying, “bunny hopping” gait, and Noticeable enlargement of the shoulder muscles as they compensate for the hind end, in addition, you veterinarian can perform a couple of physical exams to determine the illness.  

Skin Conditions

The fur of black golden retriever is considered one the beautiful furs in the world, It’s easy to groom, and it gives a fancy look, however, having a thick fur comes with problems too, such as yeast, bacteria and many other infections, some of the symptoms of skin conditions are; biting at their legs or flanks, licking their paws, scratching the ears or rubbing their faces. Run your fingers through their coat and feel for skin bumps, hot spots, seeping sores, and bare skin patches, although it’s a life-threatening illness, it can be treated if it was noticed early.

To sum up, Black golden retrievers puppies are amazing dogs to raise as a pet and as working dogs, despite their health issues they are still considered the most popular dogs worldwide.

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