Things all Golden Retriever owners should know from a Golden Retriever training expert


Golden retriever training

The Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent dogs, on one hand, they can be a lovely pet in your home and a part of your family, on the other hand, they can be working dogs too, in fact many of them are working with the police and as rescue dogs, due to how easy golden retriever training is, and how loyal they can be, however, there are many challenges you may consider when you want to train a golden retriever, especially if you have never trained a dog before.

Luckily in this article, we are going to answer most of your questions that you wonder about when you want to do dog training, such as; what is the best Golden Retriever training age? What training book you should follow? How to get rid of their bad habits? What is the difference between Golden Retriever Puppy training and golden retriever training? And many more.

Here are some tips and information that going to help you to train your golden retriever:

Early Age is The Best Time for Golden Retriever Training Age

No matter what the age of your golden retriever, teaching him obedience and good manners are very important, not only to help your pup fit in better with you and your family but also teach him skills that might be crucial to his safety, however, according to many dog trainers it’s better to have Golden Retriever Puppy training (sitting, standing, stopping…) at an early age since he can compromise easily at that age, and it is recommended to start training them when they are only three to four weeks so they can follow what you are trying to teach them, however, for a golden retriever training  you should wait at least six months to  a year. In other words, you must wait until their bodies are fully developed so they can do some dog trick without hurting themselves,

Tips for Training Your Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers make training them so easy, because they are really smart, however, Golden Retriever Puppy training is different than an adult golden retriever training, so to train them fully, there are many types of training that your golden should go through:

Obedience Training

This type of training usually starts at a young age, so owners can at least have some sort of control on their dog behavior, and to start this type you should firstly choose the best method for you and your golden. Styles of training can change from person to person, but all trainers agree that best way to teach obedience is by positive enforcement, such as praise or treats and socialization, which will help him practice and acclimate with other people and others pets, to behave better in these types of situations.

Moreover, there are many dog training books and websites, that can help you learn about training techniques and decide which best suits you and your dog.

 Activity Training

Golden retrievers are considered one of the largest dogs in the world, which unfortunately make them exposed to many injuries and obesity too, so this training not only helps them behave correctly, but also help them to stay fit and in a good shape.  However, keep in mind it is recommended to start this training when golden retrievers are six months or older so they won’t break their legs while they attempt to do some jump exercises. Furthermore, dog training activities are a lot of fun, and establish a bond between you and your dog, in fact, it is the main reason behind this training,

During this training your golden is going to learn some dog tricks too, that you can use to participate in competitions or just use to have fun with your dog,  in this type of training your golden retriever is going to try to face some obstacles and learn to do some tricks, also, He is going to learn how to jump higher by using a treat but most importantly he is going to understand some words like jump and sit and get familiar with them.

Golden Retriever Training For Unwanted Behaviors

No matter how much you love your golden retriever, sometimes you can’t stand his bad habits, from destroying furniture to chewing whatever he founds, and not to mention the jump greeting  that can bother some guests, luckily there are some dog training that can stop all that, and teach him some manners no matter how old he is, here is some bad habits you may come across and how to get rid of them ;

Training For Chewing Problem

All dogs love to chew especially golden retrievers, they will chew anything they can get, including your favorite shoes, however, they aren’t wild, they only bite due to pain from teething and trying to soothe their aching gums. Fortunately dealing with chewing is quite simple, just buy them toys to bite to relieve the pain and prevent them from unnecessary chewing, some veterinarian also advice to use a socket filled with ice to help with gums problem, however, you should always be around when you are giving it to your golden retriever, you don’t want them to rip the sock and swallow an ice cube that can lead to very serious health problems.

Golden Retriever Training For Leashes Problem

It’s so much tiring and annoying when you try to walk your dog and he starts to drag you to places, or worse, he completely freaks out when you bring out the leash. Many people try to fix this problem by attaching the leash to the Golden then drag him in the direction they want him to go, which many trainers consider it wrong, and by doing that, you only going to hurt his neck and send the wrong signal to the puppy. Instead they advise to get your golden retriever puppy to get used to the collar and the leash, you just let him walk around and move freely with the leash on, dragging it alongside him. And once he gets used to it, start calling him and praise him so he knows that he is on the right track, and always remember to be patient because this type of golden retriever training takes some time.

Finally, Golden Retriever are very Obedient, confident, and intelligent, you will find it easy to train a puppy as he grows.