The Golden Retriever Yorkie Mix: The Cutest Member Of The Goldens Family


Golden Retriever Yorkie mix

The Golden Retriever Yorkie mix is a mixed breed dog. The Goldenshire’s parents are the affectionate Golden Retriever and the spunky Yorkshire Terrier. The Goldenshire truly personifies man’s most beloved companion.

The Golden Retriever Yorkie mix can be an excellent friend to anyone he meets. However, he is prone to shed, just like his parent, the Golden Retriever. 

The Yorkie Golden Retriever mix requires a lot of physical activity. They also love being in the house with their families. Since The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, it typically weighs fewer than seven pounds when they reach adulthood. This implies that the Goldenshire is a medium-sized dog. It might look similar to the Yorkiepoos appearance.

In this article, we will share everything you need to know so that we can help you decide if the Golden Retriever Yorkie mix is perfect for you.
 Let’s dive in!

The Golden Retriever Yorkie mix History

Goldenshire is a brand new breed that’s still trying to establish itself in the world of dogs, and there’s not much we know of its past. We’ll look at their parents’ stories to learn about the breed better.

Lord Tweedmouth developed the Golden Retriever by crossing a Water spaniel with Tweedmouth. The goal was to have a Dog with a great nose and exceptional retrieving skills.

The Yorkshire Terrier is believed to be the ancestor of a show-dog called Huddersfield Ben. The Dog was extremely popular during the 1800s when it was utilized in numerous events to showcase its beauty and talents.

In 1872, the very first Yorkshire club was formed. In 1874 Yorkshire Terrier was recognized as a breed by The British Kennel Club.

Golden Retriever Yorkie mix Characteristics

Goldenshire’s appearance varies depending on the dominant parent breed. There’s a significant distinction in size between these two breeds, so it’s a bit difficult to predict the result of crossing the two breeds. The result of your Golden Retriever Yorkie mix will be bigger than the Yorkshire Terrier and smaller than the Golden Retriever.

The Yorkie Golden Retriever mix has triangular ears which can be straight or flopped. Their heads are covered with medium to lengthy hair.

The Goldenshire muzzles are medium length and have a snout that is either brown or black at the tip. Their coats are quite thick with medium to long curly hair. The most popular colors for coats are black, blue, and brown.

Goldenshire Size

As we’ve previously mentioned, Goldenshires are small-sized breeds. The males are between 10 to 15 inches and have a weight range between 25 and 30 pounds. Female Goldenshire are smaller; they have average heights of 10 to 12 inches with an estimated weight range of between 20 and 25 pounds.

Yorkie Golden Retriever mix Coat

The Golden Retriever Yorkie mix coat has silky and long hair that typically falls equally across his spine. The colors could be black, gold, and Tan, or it could appear to be an iron blue or Tan color. The puppies typically have black, brown, and Tan. His coat will change color as he grows older.

Golden Retriever Yorkie mix Temperament

As with all hybrids, you must look at the parents for an idea of how they’ll behave. The Golden is among the most affectionate dogs you’ll encounter, and the Yorkie could be more feisty for a small man. This will make for a welcoming, loving dog. If it resembles the Yorkie, it could be an alpha dog with a powerful personality.

The Goldenshire requires a confident owner with experience and can establish themselves as the pack leader. Although they’re small, the Goldenshire can be fierce little dogs. Even though they’re tiny, they’re not interested in being in the driver’s seat. They will also likely get along well with other animals when socialized and exposed. 

The Goldenshire can be somewhat adept at being independent or having time to themselves in a noisy home or overflowing. They are very responsive to positive reinforcement, just like all dogs. The Goldenshire will be very affectionate and love spending many hours with you.

Please do not leave her alone for long durations since she isn’t a good fit in a solitary environment. She always wants to be part of the pack.

Golden Retriever Yorkie Mix Health and Lifespan

If you’re looking to buy puppies, it is essential to determine whether the breeder is reliable. Some breeders refuse to give the medical chart to a dog. We highly recommend asking for the medical history before buying a Goldenshire.

The lifespan of a Yorkie or golden retriever typically ranges between 12 and 15 years, but it can be longer. With a little care, your dog could last until 16 or 17.

Suppose you observe an alteration in the behavior of your pet. You must bring him to the vet immediately.

If your puppy is vulnerable to fleas, be sure you give it all the shots to fight fleas. The coat’s length makes them at a higher risk of contracting fleas.

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Yorkie Golden Retriever Mix Price

Compared to other breeds, the Goldenshire is very expensive. Their prices can vary between 1200 and 2000 dollars. They’ll cost less if you purchase this puppy from a rescue center and shelter. The puppies they have are less expensive than their parent breeds. The price can range from 300 to 800 dollars. Before purchasing, please look at your budget since their prices are extremely high. Once you have adopted them, you need to invest in grooming sessions as they require high to moderate maintenance.

Yorkie mixed with Golden Retriever Activity Requirements

Your Yorkie and Golden Retriever mix will love to join you on walks you like. He enjoys being outside and walks around the area. Be aware that he’s an active, friendly dog who is looking forward to perfecting his social skills in the pet park, taking obedience classes, and perhaps even at the agility rings. He’s intelligent and won’t hesitate to prove that. Take him along with you as you go for a run.

The Golden Retriever and Yorkie mix can adapt to living in a small apartment, but his ideal of an enjoyable time is a home with a back backyard to play and explore.

Is the Goldenshire easy to train?

We believe that the Goldenshire is one of the easiest breeds of dogs that you can train. The mix is highly intelligent because of its parents. It is also friendly to its owner and simplifies learning new commands. We recommend beginning your puppy’s training early.


The Golden Yorkie mix is one of the cutest dogs in the world. They are smart, loving, loyal, and can fit in any home without any problems, don’t overthink it; the Goldenshire is The perfect pet for You.