Golden Retriever Weight And Growth Chart All You Need To Know


Golden Retriever Weight And Growth Chart

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs worldwide, yet many people don’t know a lot of things about their golden retriever weight and growth chart, which is really important when you own a dog especially a breed like a golden retriever, because just from the Weight And Growth you can tell how healthy he is and what best nutrition for him and many other things related to his health, but how are you going to know whether your puppy is on track or not ? And What are the growth stages for a golden retriever? Is golden retriever weight female different than golden retriever weight male?

Luckily in this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about your puppy’s growth stages to monitor your Golden Retriever’s growth and development.

Why is it Important To Monitor Golden Retriever Puppy Growth and Development?

Monitoring golden retriever puppies is an important task to do, based on data, you can tell the health of your puppy and what kind of nutrition you should give him, and if he is sick or not.

In the first year, all puppies go to similar stages and Each stage has different growth milestones and behaviors to look out for, and the puppy will need different types of care.

Here are growth stages of your golden retriever

First Stage of Golden Retriever Puppy Growth and Development : Neonatal

This period lasts from the birth of your puppy until they are about three weeks old, and it is a crucial period for a puppy, and it’s very important for him to be with his mother so she can clean him, feed him, keep him warm, and teach him the pup necessary behaviors.

During this stage, you are going to start noticing some changes, such as; their eyes and ears begin to open, their first baby teeth coming through, and they will slowly start crawling, and then eventually walking unsteadily, also, the size of golden retriever puppy will vary significantly during this period, from 5lb (is the smallest) to 17lb (the largest), while the average dog weight is 9lb.

Second Stage of Golden Retriever Puppy Growth and Development: Socialization

In this period which lasts from about three to twelve-week-old, puppies need to start socializing beyond their mother at this age, they should interact with people and with other animals, so they get used to it and find it easier when they get older, they also should get familiar with some solid foods as their mother’s milk dries up.

Besides, at this age, they are full of energy, so they will be playful and running around, and they will learn important habits, such as inhibited biting, which is biting to play rather than hurt, and according to dog growth chart in this period golden puppies start to mimic their mothers, and they are likely to leave the sleeping area to relieve themselves. Also, during this period puppies start developing new emotions like fear, so if you noticed your dog acting weird, don’t worry, it is just a phase that will pass. And for dog Growth Chart, it won’t change from the last stage.

Third Stage of Golden Puppy Growth and Development: Juvenile

Stage three is the most important part of Golden Retriever Puppy Growth and Development because during this period you can separate puppies from their mother and it’s a vital period for training, during this stage, golden retriever puppy will develop some habits for life, so It is very important to have clear and consistent rules, many trainers recommend to train golden retrievers through positive reinforcement at this time, and never rely on punishment because it can affect them negatively, Also, in this period the golden retriever is still learning about fear, Any fearful experience, such as punishment, can have a long-term negative impact on their behavior,
in addition, during this period, the nose and ears of this special breed grow out, you may also notice that their legs are shorter but don’t worry they will grow up normally. Just keep in mind that golden retriever grow up quickly within their second six months, and it’s important to be alert and pay more attention to puppy’s joints and bones because they become vulnerable, so, avoid anything that will exert too much pressure on the dog’s joints, such as long walks, and don’t let them come down from stairs without your assistance.

Moreover, the golden retriever weight female and golden retriever weight male start to become different from each other’s weight and growth, the average weight for a male is 57,4lb, and 50,1lb for a female according to Golden Retriever Growth Chart.

Fourth Stage of Golden Puppy Growth and Development: Sexual Maturity

At this stage golden retriever will grow full size, with 76lb for golden retriever weight male and 64lb for golden retriever weight female, also in this age they will reach sexual maturity and start entering heat cycles and displaying mating behavior, they also may start to be more aggressive to define their role within the pack, as a result, they may start challenging both human and animal members of the family.

According to Golden Retriever Growth Chart, golden retrievers grow so fast at this period so as result they are exposed to many joints injuries, so be careful with them, and be wary of anything that puts excessive pressure on the joints, such as big jumps

Fifth Stage of Golden Retriever Puppy Growth and Development: Adults

In this stage, golden retriever reaches the adult form, their size may change depends on the gender, and based on Golden Retriever Growth Chart male is stronger and bigger than female, with the right nutrition your golden retriever always going to be in the best shape.

Finally, it’s important to monitor your Golden Retriever Growth Chart, to protect him from injuries, that unfortunately many golden retrievers suffer from, due to the bad nutrition, so always remember to keep an eye on your dog Growth Chart, he is a part of your family now.

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