Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix: If Love Was a Pet


Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

If you’re looking for a loyal companion, more sophisticated than your typical pet, and a bit more intelligent, the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix might be a great addition to your household. 
The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix loves children and can establish lasting, loving relationships with humans throughout their lives.

The Golden Retriever Aussie mix is perfect for active people, such as young families. Affectionate, friendly, smart, and even new owners can train these dogs as long as you have the energy to keep up with them.
They are happy in households where there’s always somebody around, and they have some outdoor space to work out all day.

Read on to learn about this great breed and whether you think a Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix could be the most suitable dog for you.

The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix Origin

The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix is a newer designer dog breed. We believe that it originated during the Christmas season of 2007. Breeders continued to breed these dogs as the demand increased.
Paying attention to the breeds’ parents, The Golden Retriever was originally developed in Scotland, where they quickly became popular pups due to their superior intelligence and ability to perform the tasks of agility and obedience.

In the case of Australian Shepherds, this is one of the breeds created within the United States. The breed initially earned a reputation for its work dog qualities. However, Today they’re commonly used as guide dogs.

Golden Retriever Aussie Mix Appearance

It’s extremely difficult to know the exact look of any mixed-breed dog. And your Golden Retriever Aussie mix can take after one of its parents or an ideal blend of both. In general, you will find that the Golden Aussie has an athletic physique with a straight back and broad head. For the physical characteristics, expect hairy ears, a larger nose, and large eyes that may be blue, brown, or hazel.

Coat & Colors

The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix has a thick and dense double coat, specifically designed to help them stay warm during cold weather. It’s more likely that it will be fluffy and wavy around his neck, ear, and tail. His coat can shed moderately throughout the year. The coat will be blown when it is shedding. So, if you’re not a fan of dog hair, You might want to consider a different dog completely.
The Golden Retriever Aussie mix may inherit the coat of any parent. This means that your Australian Retriever can have black, gold brown, and merle shades or any combination of these colors. This mix may also have red coats if the Golden Retriever’s parent has any shade of red. If the color of the coat is an important element in your decision-making process, ensure you talk to your breeder. However, they might instead pair you with a different pup based on personality suitability.


The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is a big dog. Like all breeds, with the newer breeds of mixed dogs, the exact weight of the breed could differ.

They weigh 25-60 pounds and can range between 19 and 23 inches. Female Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix can be smaller than male Australian Retrievers.

The Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix Temperament

There’s no way to predict the personality and nature of any mixed breed dog, and this applies to the Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix. The only way to get an idea of what’s coming for you and your new mix is to meet his parents to understand their characteristics and temperaments better.


When you first bring the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix home, you’ll discover they are very smart dogs. Naturally, this breed is extremely easily trained and will complete potty and obedience training without a hitch.

Be aware that, as such an intelligent pup, the Golden  Retriever Aussie mix can outwit you many times. Do not be upset or angry when the pieces are in place, and your dog’s master plan is realized!

Highly Energetic

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is a highly active dog that needs lots of exercises, playing time with friends, and training sessions to remain at the top of his game both physically and mentally. If you live a physically active life, this breed can easily fit into your routine and make an excellent running, hiking, or even swimming buddy. But if you’re more of a couch-surfer, then the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix will behave similarly to an officer in uniform to keep you fit!

Your Golden  Retriever Aussie mix will require at least one hour of daily exercise; ideally, they will need a series of play sessions to keep them physically and mentally active. If You don’t give them the right outlet to release their energy, Your Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix will use excessive chewing or barking and digging to avoid boredom.


The Goldens and Aussies are friendly and loving dogs, and it’s not surprising that their children are also loving dogs. This Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix bonds tightly with its family members. they are a lover of human companionship at any time of the day and at night.

The Golden  Retriever Aussie mix will want to be with you and be involved in whatever you do. They usually get uncomfortable when they are left alone.


Because Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are working dogs, their puppies are likely to have a strong working ethic and will be most content when they have work to perform.

Based on how much the example of its Aussie parents influences your pet, the dog may attempt to herd and pick at your children, your family members, and even your other pets. This behavior could benefit you when you live on the farm. Otherwise, it would be best if you discouraged it with training.

You can utilize these abilities while exercising and training your pet. Such as making them fetch and retrieve freebies and balls. So, your pet will feel like they’re working hard and getting exercise simultaneously.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix Puppies Price

An Australian Retriever puppy cost between $700 to $800 from a trusted breeder. It will depend on the amount of demand in your region, the breeder’s reputation, and the genetic dog’s lineage. Be aware that if your puppy is sporting a merle coat, eye color that is bright blue or eyes with multi-colored will pump the prices since it’s a more appealing appearance.

Since the Golden  Retriever Aussie mix is a rare hybrid, there is the possibility that you’ll have to travel to find a reliable breeder. Start your search online and ensure you find breeders who provide you with an understanding of their breeding methods. Another way to find out is to search for reviews online from customers who have previously used the breeder.

Never work with a puppy breeder who does not allow you to meet with the puppies and their parents. Also, they are not able to give you their health clearances. If you feel uneasy, simply leave and go with your intuition. A few dollars saved is not worth the stress and cost of inheriting a poorly pooch pet.

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Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that Golden Retrievers Aussie mixes are fast becoming highly sought-after dogs since they blend two breeds that are among the most sought-after breeds in the United States.
They are stable crossbreeds since their parents share similar personalities. They are both affectionate and intelligent, so the offspring will be similar regardless of how their traits are mixed.
Overall, these dogs are:

  • Friendly and active
  • Best suited to having constant company around the house
  • Highly intelligent, they require lots of stimulation for their minds.

This Australian Shepherd Golden mix is ideal for active families with plenty of time and love playing with them. While they require a lot of attention and love. however, the unconditional love and affection they provide to their owners make them worth the money.