What are the differences between Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds?


Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd

Choosing between a Golden Retriever and German Shepherd dog surely is a difficult task to do, both of these dog breeds are known for being a family pet and a working dogs since the moment they were brought into this world, In other words, both of these beautiful dogs will fit perfectly in your family and you are going to have a good companion for life.

The Difference Size Between Golden Retrievers And German Shepherds

The German shepherd is bigger than the Golden retriever in both height and weight, although Golden retriever considers a large dog himself, he stands 21.5 to 24 inches, and weighs anywhere from 55 to 90LB, but the german shepherd stands 22 to 26 inches and weighs anywhere from 50 to 90 LB.

Golden Retrievers Shedding and Grooming

Golden retrievers are known for having a double layer, thick coats with a distinguished crèmy color. These dogs come from a line of water-loving retriever dogs, the undercoat is the insulating layer and the top layer of their fur is the water repellant layer.

To ensure each layer of the coat can fulfill its job, it is necessary to shed out an ongoing basis, keep in mind that when the seasons change, golden retrievers will shed out profusely at least twice a year.

Therefore, to keep their shedding under control, you will need to brush them once or twice per week.

German Shepherd Shedding and Grooming

German Shepherd also has a water repellent coat and a double layer, however, German Shepherd has a shorter and straight coat, similar to Golden Retrievers, the undercoat is soft and designed to keep them insulated against the elements and the topcoat layer is water-resistant.

Therefore, German Shepherd is similar to Golden Shepherds. To help control their shedding, you will need to brush them once or twice per week because they blow coat at least twice every year.

Golden Retrievers Have The Most Loving Personality

Golden Retrievers are one of the best service dogs that can be used as a therapy dog work.

These dogs are known for their friendly personality, no matter the appearance of newcomers they are always eager to make new friends. Faithful, friendly, outgoing, trustworthy, merry, eager to please, these are just a few of the good characters that the golden retrievers are known for.

Furthermore, the golden retriever is an energetic, active dog, especially during the early years into adulthood, these dogs just love to play, fetch, and run. Overall, they live their life to the fullest.

German Shepherd is the most intelligent dog

The German shepherds are known for being police dogs, and a top pic for military, these dogs are very protective, they will lay down their life for their owners, no matter what the situation, they will always choose to protect you over anything, they will even sacrifice themselves for you, however, when they meet a stranger, they can be very specious. Loyal, confident, noble, and steady are the characters that distinguished The german shepherd.

The German Shepherds are similar to golden retrievers, they are also considered an active working breed, they always love to play around and do lots of activities and exercises. German Shepherds will always be eager to participate in agility training or tracking training with you.

Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd Eating

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd
Golden Retriever and German Shepherd

Golden retrievers eat a lot, and it’s rare when they meet a food that they don’t like, therefore, it’s recommended to monitor your golden’s nutrition and balance between the amount of food and exercise, to avoid obesity and protect his life from a heart attack.

In the other hand, German Shepherds don’t struggle with obesity issue, because by nature, these disciplined dogs, just eat whatever you give them, unlike goldens eat whatever they find, however, you need to see a vet regularly, to ensure your dog is having the right nutrition proportion, so you can protect them from any bone, joint, organ, and brain damage.

Golden Retriever Guarding Tendencies

The golden retriever is an excellent family pet, however, he does not make a very good guard dog, due to how friendly this dog breed is. So if you are looking for a breed with great guarding tendency, this is not the breed for that, because if this dog finds a thief, he will just lick him or play with him and consider him a family member.

German Shepherd Guarding Tendencies

On the other hand, the German Shepherd is one of the best guard dogs in the world. The only problem with German Shepherds is that they need to socialize so they can tell the difference between a friend and a thief, otherwise, they are going to attack everyone who gets close to you.

Golden Retriever is Easy to Train

The golden retrievers are very easy to train, due to their high intelligence, however, they can easily get distracted, especially when they are younger, therefore, you need to have patience during training,

Socialization is the most important training you need to do with your golden retriever because you do not want your dog attacking anyone, or learning some bad habits such as; licking, which according to them is the way to greet.

German Shepherd Special Training

German Shepherd is different than goldens, he won’t lick anyone, in fact, he will do the opposite, he may attack anyone near you, including friends and family, therefore, you need to help him adjust for being a pet, not a guard dog.

You should focus on teaching your German Shepherd to switch from guarding tendencies to being friendly and a family pet unless you want him to be a working dog.

Golden Retriever Have a poor Health

Unfortunately, golden retriever suffers from many health issues such as; hip and elbow dysplasia, heart and eye issues, therefore,  this breed has a short lifespan, the Golden retriever can live 10 to 12 years.

Besides, They also suffer from allergies, cancer, skin problems, and ear infections, that can threaten their life.

German Shepherd Health problems

Hip and dysplasia are the only major heritable health issues that can impact German Shepherd, although he doesn’t suffer from much dangerous health issues, the lifespan of the german shepherd is short compared to goldens, He can only live 7 to 10 years.

Other health issues that German Shepherd may suffer from are; allergies, back issues, blood disorders, and epilepsy.

We hope you found the information you need, to help you choose between the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever, and have a better understanding of these fascinating breeds.