Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic !? Everything You Need To Know


are Golden retrievers hypoallergenic

One of the most important things you have to research before adopting a Golden Retriever, especially when you have kids, is; Are Golden Retriever hypoallergenic?

Allergies to pets with thick fur like Golden Retriever are very common, especially among people who have other allergies or asthma. It can make their life a living hell. Denying a child from petting is the most heartbreaking thing to do as a parent. It doesn’t matter how much you explain the risks to them, they still won’t accept it.

Luckily, we found the answers to all of your questions regarding hypoallergenic Golden Retrievers, such as:

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog?
Can I Have A Golden Retriever If I Have Allergies?
How to Reduce Your Allergies to Golden Retriever?
How Do You Know if you’re allergic to Golden Retriever ?
So Let’s dive in!

1- What Is A Hypoallergenic Dog?

To understand the meaning of a hypoallergenic dog, let us first understand the definition of the word. Hypo means “less than” or “under” in Greek; however, until the 1950s, this word was used when cosmetics advertisers embraced its meaning. They used it as an explanation that their cosmetics are safe and won’t cause any irritation.

Many breeders will advertise their dogs as hypoallergenic. Usually, these are dog breeds that rarely shed. As long as dogs won’t shed, it won’t spread as many allergens around. which can be misleading. All dogs make protein, which is the reason some people are allergic to dogs. They aren’t allergic to the fur, but they are allergic to the protein of the dog’s dander and saliva. Even if a dog doesn’t shed very much, it will still produce dander and saliva.

Many studies have rejected the idea of a hypoallergenic dog. One study looked at several hypoallergenic dog breeds to see if they produced less protein than non-hypoallergenic dogs. The results showed that there is only little difference between hypoallergenic dogs and non-hypoallergenic dogs in terms of the amount of protein found on their skin and around their home.

The study also looked at several mixed breeds to see if the Golden Retriever hypoallergenic mix is a real thing. Well, the results were very similar compared to the other studies.

2- Can I Adopt a Golden Retriever If I Have Allergies?

Golden Retrievers are one of the most adorable dogs in the world. They are so playful, loyal, friendly, and they have such good looking gold fur that unfortunately can be bad news for someone who has allergies or Asthma.

Luckily, being allergic to dogs doesn’t mean you are allergic to the Golden Retriever, and even if you are allergic, there are many things you may do to reduce allergies and manage it, you just need to understand your allergies a little better, and you will have your fluffy puppy by your side risk free.

3- How to Reduce Your Allergies to Golden Retrievers?

a. Bathe Your Golden Regularly

The best method to manage a Golden Retriever’s allergen level is to bathe them regularly. Typically, you shouldn’t bathe a Golden Retriever that often. However, when you have dog allergies, washing your golden can help remove many of these allergens. Washing can significantly reduce the level of Can F1 protein by as much as 84%. The most common allergen is this protein.

However, some studies discovered you need to bathe the dog at least twice a week to keep their allergen level low. To reduce how much drying your dog experiences from these repeated baths, we highly recommend using a sensitive-skin shampoo, as too much bathing can cause their coats to be stripped of beneficial oils.

b. Boundaries

It is very important to have a room that your dog won’t enter, so the overall number of allergens the person comes into contact with will decrease. Therefore, their allergies will often decrease as well.

An air filter can also be very helpful for those having allergies. It can capture much of the allergens before they cause any problems. Keep in mind that you must monitor while cleaning the filter, though.

People who have allergies often have over one trigger. If you can reduce your contact with other allergens, it may reduce your symptoms around the dog as well.

c. Consider Taking Medications

You may also try a medical treatment, such as antihistamine pills. It is very important to regularly visit a doctor that understands your unconditional love for your pet. There are many medical things you can do to reduce the dog’s effect on your symptoms.

even if there are Golden Retriever hypoallergenic, it won’t matter as long as you are taking the right step.

4- How Do You Know if You’re Allergic to a Golden Retriever ?

In order to test “Are Golden Retriever hypoallergenic or not? “, you first need to check with the doctor. He will run some tests and based on the results, he will tell you what allergies you have, and whether your allergies are manageable.

You can also know that you are allergic to dogs if you have some of these symptoms when you’re near dogs;

Facial pain
Skin rash
Watery eyes
Itchy eyes
Runny nose
Shortness of breath
Red eyes
Chest tightness
Depending on how severe your allergies are, you can determine whether you lean to a mild allergy or a severe allergy, but at the end, of course, the best one to tell you how bad your allergy is, will be your doctor, so definitely check with them before deciding to get a dog.

5- Not All Golden Retrievers Are the Same

Every breed has different allergens. There are six different allergens that dogs can produce. However, not all breeds make the same allergens. Therefore, you can locate a Golden Retriever that you can keep.if you’re only allergic to one allergen.

For example, only male pets produce Can F5. Male dogs create this protein in their prostate. Those who suffer from all allergies are likely allergic to this protein specifically. You can have a female Golden without a problem. Sometimes, a male Golden Retriever can be a good option, considering that they don’t produce this protein either.

However, take care of the male before they reach maturity, as they will start producing the protein. Because of this reason, we recommend females when possible. However, if you have a male golden, you don’t need to feel bad about it, because getting them fixed could solve many of your allergies problems.

With all that said, figuring the specific allergies to protein or another one can be very challenging. Most dog allergy tests use all the proteins samples at once, which makes it impossible to detect which specific proteins you’re allergic to.

Therefore, you need to ask to be tested for each protein specifically. This request is possible, but it often needs to be explicitly requested. Of course, it is possible to be allergic to Can F5 and Can F1 simultaneously. Therefore, you need to test for all of them before deciding to adopt a female, as they produce all the other Canine proteins.

Final Thoughts

Now, if somebody asked: “ Are Golden Retriever hypoallergenic? ”, you finally have the answer.

As we learned, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Despite the common myth, people are not allergic to fur, they are allergic to the proteins that their dog produces. The dog produces these allergens as saliva, skin, and urine. All breeds produce proteins. Therefore, all dogs also produce allergens.

Most times, claimed “hypoallergenic” dogs produce allergens the same as shedding dogs, like the Golden Retriever. although most dogs spread these allergens the same as shedding dogs.

Therefore, someone with allergies is just as likely to have an allergic reaction to any dog no matter how thick the fur. However, this is good news if you want to own a Golden Retriever and have dog allergies. You can comfortably keep a Golden Retriever as any other dog.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to prevent allergens from stopping you, even if you have allergies. Bathing your dog at least twice a week will reduce the allergens on their coat. Just see a vet and tell him to recommend a friendly shampoo so you won’t hurt your pet’s fur.

So if you have dog allergies and want to adopt a Golden Retriever, it is very possible. You’ll just need to take extra steps.