Unraveling the Mystery of Curly Golden Retriever


curly Golden Retriever

As an owner of a curly Golden Retriever, I can attest to the fact that these dogs are truly special. Golden Retrievers are already known for their friendly personalities and intelligence, but the addition of a curly coat takes things to a whole new level. That’s why I’m excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you in this article.

There has been a lot of curiosity around curly Golden Retrievers lately, with many people wondering if they truly exist. As someone who has a curly-coated Golden Retriever, I can confirm that they do indeed exist, but they are not as common as their straight-coated counterparts.

In this article, we’ll delve into the topic of curly Golden Retrievers and explore why some of them have curly or wavy hair. We’ll also discuss the genetics behind the curly coat and answer the questions: Is there a curly Golden Retriever?, Why is my Golden Retriever have Curly or Wavy Hair?

What is a Curly Golden Retriever?

A curly Golden Retriever is a variant of the breed that has a curly coat. While most Golden Retrievers have a straight or wavy coat, some have a tighter, more curly coat. These dogs are sometimes referred to as “curly-coated Golden Retrievers” or simply “curly Goldens.” The curly coat is the result of a recessive gene that can be passed down from either parent. It is important to note that curly Golden Retrievers are still purebred and have the same friendly and loyal temperament as their straight-coated counterparts.

The Appearance of Curly Golden Retrievers:

Curly Golden Retrievers have a unique appearance that sets them apart from other Golden Retrievers. They have a dense, curly coat that is typically shorter than that of a straight-coated Golden Retriever. The curls may be loose or tight and can vary in color from light cream to dark red. Their coats require regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling, and they shed less than their straight-coated counterparts.

Behavior and Temperament of Curly Golden :

Curly Golden Retrievers have the same friendly, loyal, and intelligent temperament as their straight-coated counterparts. They are known for their love of people and other pets, making them ideal family pets. They are also highly trainable and excel in obedience, agility, and other dog sports. Curly Golden Retrievers are typically very social dogs and enjoy being around people and other pets. They are also great with children and make excellent therapy dogs.

Health Issues of Wavy golden Golden Retrievers:

Curly Golden Retrievers are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of around 10-12 years. However, they may be more prone to certain health issues than straight-coated Golden Retrievers. Some of the health issues that curly Golden Retrievers may be more prone to include hip dysplasia, ear infections, and skin allergies. It is important to work with a reputable breeder and to keep up with regular vet checkups to ensure your dog remains healthy and happy.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Have Curly or Wavy Hair?

Golden retrievers are a beloved dog breed with beautiful fur coats. While it is not typical for them to have curly or wavy fur, it can happen due to genetics. By examining the parents, pet owners can get an idea of what their Golden Retriever puppy’s coat will look like. However, the fur coat can take up to 36 months to fully mature, and it may go through several phases, potentially becoming curly or wavy in the process.

Reputable breeders seek to match the breed standard, which requires a flowing and fluffy fur coat. If a Golden Retriever has a curly or wavy coat, it is most likely due to genetics. However, the puppy’s diet and grooming can also play a role in the fur coat’s development.

Golden Retriever puppies require proper nutrition for their fur coat to grow correctly. Too little or too much food and an inferior diet can lead to a lack of fur coat growth. Improper grooming can also cause issues, potentially resulting in a curly or wavy coat.

While some Golden Retrievers can have curly or wavy fur, the breed standard is for them to have a flowing, fluffy fur coat. Selecting a reputable and responsible breeder can reduce the chance of a Golden Retriever having a curly or wavy coat. Pet owners should also ensure their puppy receives proper nutrition and grooming to encourage the correct fur coat growth.

Can curly or wavy fur in Golden be changed to straight?

Have you ever wondered if you can change your Golden Retriever’s curly or wavy fur coat to a straight one? Well, the answer to this question depends on whether their fur type is related to their genetics or not. If it is not related to genetics, there are several things you can do to help your furry friend get back to their natural appearance.

First and foremost, make sure your Golden Retriever is eating a healthy and balanced diet that meets its nutritional needs. Ensure that they are getting enough food daily, depending on their energy and activity level. A nutritious diet can also reduce shedding and promote a beautiful, smooth, and healthy fur coat.

Supplementing their diet with fish, coconut, or olive oils containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is also beneficial for a healthy-looking fur coat.

Regular grooming is crucial in maintaining your Golden Retriever’s fur coat. Daily brushing can make a significant difference in their appearance, especially if their fur is always tangled and knotted. Bathing them regularly, preferably every six weeks, can also ensure their fur coat looks fluffy and beautiful.

It’s also essential to provide your Golden Retriever with daily exercise as they are an athletic and outdoorsy dog breed. However, excessive activity can cause unnecessary stress on their body and bring about issues with their fur coat’s appearance, such as hair loss. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the right balance of healthy and appropriate activity for your dog.

Do curly Golden Retrievers exist?

Are you curious if there’s such a thing as a curly Golden Retriever? Well, there are curly-haired retrievers, but they are not the same breed as Golden Retrievers. They are known as curly-coated retrievers and mostly have black fur, but some may have golden fur.

Although some Golden Retrievers may also have curly fur, they are still considered a different breed from curly-coated retrievers. Interestingly, there are six types of retrievers in total, and Golden Retrievers and curly-coated retrievers are among them. So, if you happen to see a Golden Retriever with a curly coat, they may have some curly-coated retriever in their genetic makeup.


In conclusion, curly Golden Retriever is a unique variant of the breed that has a dense, curly coat. While they are not as common as their straight-coated counterparts, they have the same friendly, loyal, and intelligent temperament that makes them ideal family pets and therapy dogs.

Curly Golden Retrievers require regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling, and they may be more prone to certain health issues than straight-coated Golden Retrievers.

If you are a pet owner of a Golden Retriever with a curly or wavy coat, you can encourage the correct fur growth through proper nutrition and grooming. However, if the fur type is related to genetics, you may not be able to change it to straight.