Types of Golden Retrievers


Types of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are popular breeds across the world, for being both as a pet and as working dogs, originally in the past, they were used for work due to their abilities to retrieve and their high intelligence. Besides being amazing work dogs, they are also a great pet, and a really attractive dog, they have a really good-looking fur, and loving personality, however, there is some confusion about the Golden Retriever dog types.

 There are three types of golden retrievers, American, Canadian, British, and every one of them is slightly different than others.

Here is some information about the types of golden retrievers:

What are the 3 types of golden retrievers ?

When it comes to golden retrievers, many people think there is only one type,

The American golden retriever, since he is the most popular, however there are 3 types of golden retrievers:

According to the American Kennel Club, American golden retrievers are the most popular dogs not only in the United States but in the world. They are characterized with wide and bright eyes, and a large head structure, they also have short ears with the front edge falling right above the eye, and a breath-taking golden fur.

English Cream golden retriever is the less popular from the other types, due to their cream color fur AKC didn’t consider them as golden retriever breed, however, the UK kennel Club accepted this breed to be a part of golden retriever. British cream golden retrievers are larger and taller than American golden retrievers, their height range between 20 to 22 inches and they have a cream color fur.

  • Canadian Golden Retriever

Canadian golden retriever is a lot similar to the American retriever, they both are well-balanced dogs, with medium-high that range between 22 and 23 inches, they have a wide black eye, and a short hanging flat ears against the head, with rounded tips slightly below the jaw. Although they may look a lot similar to US retriever but the Canadian retriever has a thinner and darker coat.

Golden retrievers suffer from health problems

Like all breeds, golden retriever is exposed to diseases more than other dogs, however some types of golden retriever have a better health than others, for example, British cream English cream golden retrievers have a better health than the American golden, some studies showed that that the American Golden Retrievers are more prone to cancer, compared to the English ones, in other similar studies showed that more than 60 percent of American goldens retriever has cancer, in the other hand, only 30 percent of English golden retriever has it, besides cancer, many American golden retrievers suffer from lymphosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and mast cell tumor. Overall, English golden retriever lives longer than American retrievers and their life expectancy is longer and similar to American retrievers, meanwhile Canadian golden retriever suffer from a lot of infections and diseases too, such as; hip dysplasia, eye problems, thyroid conditions, and others.

Pros and Cons of Golden Retriever

Having a golden retriever has both advantages and disadvantages, no matter what golden retriever type you choose, although some of them can be better than others.

pros of golden retrievers

Here are some pros of having golden retriever;

  1. Easy to train

Golden retrievers are one of the smartest dogs worldwide, in some countries the police use them to find drugs and help to find criminals, and being easy to train is one of the reasons the police choose them, it took only one to two months to train them, many dog trainers recommend golden retriever for people who are going to buy a dog for the first time.

  1. Perfect Family Pet

These dogs are amazing with kids, they love playing and if they were trained, they can keep an eye on kids and protect them as they are one of their puppies, they also have such a warm personality, no matter how bad is your day going, they always find a way to bring a smile and happiness to change your bad mood.

  1. Golden Retrievers Make an Excellent Work Dog

Besides being a perfect pet, they also can be the perfect dog for work too. As it was in the past when they were used as hunting dogs. Their temperament makes them excellent for retrieve and hunt. And many of them are used for shows to entertain people, in addition, they were also used as a guide for blind people to help them walk and make their life easier.

Cons of having golden retriever

As everything in life has a downside to it, golden retrievers are no different, despite their many advantages, they also have disadvantages

Here are some: cons of having golden retriever;

  1. Golden Retrievers are large Dogs

Goldens are very large dogs, males range from 23 to 24 inches at the shoulders with weight from 65 to 75 pounds, females in other hand range from 21 to 22 inches and slightly slimmer than males with weight 55 to 56 pounds, They normally possess extremely active tails can make your table a complete mess, simply they need a large place so they can move freely

  1. Obsessed with food?

Golden retrievers are food-addict, that’s one of the reasons that make them easy to train, because they like the trait that you give them when you are training them, some studies showed almost 80% of golden retrievers are suffering from obesity, which can lead to an early death.

Golden Retrievers are an amazing dog despite their health issues and many problems, they still one of the best dogs in the world, no matter what type you choose, they still going to fulfill their duties as a pet and as a working dog.