Golden Retriever Chow Mix: Is It the Right Dog For You?


golden retriever chow mix puppy

Golden Retriever Chow Mix is one of the underrated dogs in the crossbreeding world. This unique mix is playful and energetic, making it a great addition to your lovely family. It’s one of the most adorable puppies you’ll ever see.

Fluffy, loyal, and full of pizzazz—the Golden Chow has it all! This unique dog breed is an interesting blend of two unique dogs.

Compared to many other breeds, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix requires an extra bit of training. In addition, this breed is very sensitive to heat. On the positive side, if you’re searching for a big, fluffy dog that will stay devoted to you, then get yourself a Golden Retriever Chow Mix.

However, to help you make a choice, we are going to provide all the information you need about the Chow Golden Retriever mix, including what is Golden Retriever Chow Mix? are Golden Retriever Chow Mix puppies expensive? Temperament, appearance, Golden Retriever Chow Mix lifespan? And last, Are Golden Chow Mix good for first-time owners?

Let’s dive in!

Golden Retriever Chow Mix, What is That?

In short, Golden Chow is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Chow dog. Historically, Chow Golden Retriever mix was born out of necessity over the perfect mixing of pure dog breeds.

In the 19th century, they developed this breed in Scotland primarily to help with hunting. Hunting dogs were an essential for families to provide the much-needed protein.

At that time, Spaniels ‌were doing most of the work. As technology changed and guns improved, the need for a retriever was clear. The existing hunting dogs were not well-equipped to bring game back from far distances and they weren’t able to handle the cold waters in the lakes. The Golden Retriever solved this set of problems. They bred it to instinctively love water and retrieving. They can run or swim long distances effortlessly.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix can range from 50 to 75 pounds and 20 to 25 inches height. They are officially categorized as medium-sized dogs, however, they can get pretty big.

Judging from their stubborn traits, it’s no secret that this dog breed is a blend of two very different personalities of pure dog breeds.

Are Golden Retriever Chow Mix Puppies Expensive?

Depends on where you are. Golden Retriever Chow puppies can range from USD 900 to USD 1,200. The main thing when searching for cheap prices for your next puppy is to buy from a responsible, reputable sources so you wouldn’t

You can always find cheaper than that, but these dogs are pretty rare, so we wouldn’t expect you to ‌ find one in a shelter. You can check with animal shelters in your area to see if they have any leads, though.

We highly recommend, to do your homework first before buying Chow Golden Retriever mix puppy, as there are many scammers with reputable breeders. Make sure the animals are not treated badly, and see if you can find out anything about the puppies they’ve sold to get an idea of how yours might turn out.

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Does Golden Retriever Chow Mix Have a Bad Temperament?

The Chow Golden was made from an odd combination. Super friendly Golden Retriever with an independent Chow, both have unique characteristics. However, the Golden Chow takes the best of both breeds, maintaining a protective personality with strangers and a loving relationship with family. This is the perfect breed for confident owners.

Needs To Be Inside with The Family

Depending on your golden chow genetics, it will probably be more sensitive and dependent on attention. However, if it is more like Chow, he will be a little bit aggressive and territorial. Otherwise, the Golden Chow needs to live inside with the family for regular interaction.

Is a Mouthy Dog

Both Chows and Goldens are mouthy dogs. As a result, Your Golden Chow may have strong chewing impulses and the tendency to nip if overexcited. We highly recommend starting early on bite inhibition by redirecting any bites on the skin or your property to toys and treats.

Barks a Lot

As I mentioned before, Golden Chow Mix is very protective and doesn’t like strangers, so normally when he hears someone approaching your home, he barks as a sign of warning. Otherwise, he is a very calm dog.

Can Be Dominant if Untrained

As an early warning, Your Golden Chow puppy is going to be headstrong and boisterous. Hence, you will need to combine early socialization with consistent training to avoid trouble with dominance.

Keep in mind, you should never use physical force against your dog, but repetition and consistency are essential. You also must include treats as reward for desired behaviors and discourage aggression for everyone’s safety.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix Lifespan?

In a nutshell, Golden Retriever Chow Chow Mix life expectancy is 9 to 14 years. Keep in mind, to achieve such a long lifespan, your golden Chow Mix must have better care from when they are puppies all the way into old age.

However, ‌take note, it is impossible to determine the lifespan of a Golden Chow, since he takes characteristics from both breeds, but most times, the average golden Chow Mix would be within 9 to 14 years.

Are Golden Chow Chow Mix good for first-time owners?

The short answer is NO! The Golden Chow are not suitable for first-time pet owners as they can be quite stubborn to train and have their own mind when they need to cause trouble.

So we highly recommend staying away from the Chow family, as they are aggressive, and hard to control. However, if you are up to the challenge, you get yourself a new family member for life. The key to training any dog is to get them at an early age, so you have enough time to work with them. And as I mentioned, avoid using violence with these dogs, as they will only get stubborn and dangerous. So use treats as a way to encourage good behavior and show your little puppy the love he deserves.

The Appearance of the Golden Chow Mix

Because the Golden Retriever Chow is a breed from two dogs that has thick fur, The Golden Chow has a unique appearance that resembles a small lion.

He also has short drop ears which resemble a Chow more than a Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever Chow Mix has a serious expression that is alert and protective.

  • Weight & Height

Golden Chow Mix is a medium-sized dog that weighs between 50 pounds to 75 pounds (23 kg to 34 kg). Their height ranges from 20 inches to 25 inches (51 cm to 63.5 cm). Depending on, which of the parents’ genetics is most dominant. His size may change a little.

  • Coat Color

The coat color of a golden Chow Mix can vary. This mix commonly has a golden coat, but some variations have shades of black, blue or red. This is because there are color variations in both Chows and Goldens. Golden Chows almost always have a black nose and brown eyes.

  • Coat Length & Thickness

Your Golden Chow coat will probably have a medium length or long coat, which depends on the parents.

As for the fur, it will be dense and usually straight or wavy. Unlike their Golden Retriever parent, keep in mind the coat of the Golden Chow is not resistant to water.

  • Tongue

Both Goldens and Chows are famous for their large, blue tongues. They are one of only two breeds that share this unique characteristic. However, there is a possibility that your Golden Chow may have a pink or blue tongue with blue spots since Goldens also have pink and blue tongues.

Final words
The Golden Chow Mix is a great dog for patient adults. If you have time to devote to training the animal properly, you will be rewarded with a new family member.