Important Things to Know as an 8 Week Old Golden Retriever Owner


8 week Golden Retriever puppy

A 8 week Golden Retriever puppy is the most adorable thing on the planet. Most owners usually bring their dogs home when the puppies reach two months. Being prepared will allow you to have a great time with your puppy. Even though it can seem overwhelming to be responsible for the well-being of your puppy, it’s actually quite rewarding and not as difficult as you would think.

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How Much Sleep Does an 8 Week Old Golden Retriever Need?
How Much Exercise Does an 8 Week Golden Retriever Puppy Need?
What is The Ideal Weight For an 8 Week Old Golden Retriever Puppy?
What Age Should You Begin Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy? 
Is it Easy To Train 8 Week Golden Retriever Puppies?
How Much Food Should an Old 8 Week Old Gold Retriever Eat? 
How to Handle a Golden Retriever 8 Weeks Puppy Biting?

How Much Sleep Does an 8 week Golden Retriever Need?

Golden Retriever puppy 8 weeks requires 18 hours of sleep daily. Good sleep will help your dog’s body and brain develop well. A puppy seems wild and often savage because he is tired and needs a nap. While it might seem that they need more exercise to exhaust their crazy energy, the truth is they only need to sleep.

8 week old Golden Retrieve often has trouble falling asleep, even when drained. To help them fall asleep, ensure that the pen is well-padded before bedtime. Keep in mind; Every puppy is unique, so they might prefer a soft bed or lie on the ground.

Please take note of the surfaces your dog likes and recreate them in the crate.

If your dog is taking a break or seems tired, you can gently lift them and place them in a pen or a crate.
Puppy behavior such as licking and chewing is naturally calm. You might consider offering a stuffed toy to help the puppy fall asleep quickly.

Classical music can also help puppies fall asleep faster and feel calmer. Golden Retriever 8 weeks puppies usually fall asleep after an hour of playing time.

What is The Ideal Weight For a 8 Week old Golden Retriever puppy?

There is no standard size for a 8 week Golden Retriever. They are usually between 8 and 15 pounds but can be heavier or lighter. Their genes primarily determine their size, so it doesn’t always indicate how large or small they will be as adults. Sometimes, the puppy who was the smallest in the litter may grow quickly to become the largest. The largest puppy in the litter might not always be the largest.

Golden Retrievers are a variety of breeds in terms of size and weight. However, knowing the parents’ height and weight will give you an idea of how big your pup will be.
If you are concerned about your puppy’s weight, your veterinarian will be able to determine if he is healthy for his age.

Remember that while your Golden Retriever at 8 weeks, it will be easy for you to carry them around. However, they will quickly grow. It’s essential to take time to cuddle your puppy and enjoy the moment before they become too large.

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How Much Exercise Does a 8 Week Golden Retriever Puppy Need?

Good news: You won’t need to decide how much exercise your puppy requires. A 8 week Golden Retriever can determine how much training it requires on its own.

You shouldn’t force your dog to go to sleep after a walk of five minutes. Instead, you can take your dog home with you or give your puppy a break to see if they feel better.

8 week old Golden Retriever puppies’ joints and growth plates are still developing. You shouldn’t force them to do repetitive, intense exercise.

It is easy to let your puppy play and lose track of time. However, you need to be there to encourage them to take breaks and ensure they don’t get too excited.

What Age Should You Begin Training Your 8 Week Old Golden Retriever Puppy?

Golden Retriever training is best done early. But how young should they be? 8 week Golden Retriever puppies should begin training as soon as they are brought home, usually around two months. This doesn’t mean that adult dogs or older dogs can’t train. It just means that dogs are easier to train when they are young because they are more open to learning and more eager to learn.

Recent research has shown that 8 week old Golden puppies can learn faster. They quickly opened a box filled with food and could remember the skills for up to an hour. These puppies were able to understand the task much faster than their mothers.

Research has shown that socialization and teaching dogs new skills can help improve their behavior. A study revealed that puppies attending a one-hour command and socialization class received better responses to strangers than adult dogs in the same class.

Is It Easy To Train 8 Week Golden Retriever Puppies?

It is easy to train 8 week Golden Retriever to basic or advanced obedience standards. They are active and enjoy exercise. Because they are easy to teach, they can be trained as detection or assistance dogs. Training a Golden Retriever puppy is easy if you start training young.

Here are three examples of why 8 week old Golden Retriever easy to train:

8 week Golden Retriever are geniuses

Golden Retrievers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Stanley Coren, canine psychologist and author of The Intelligence of Dogs, ranks Goldens fourth among the most intelligent working dogs. Even at two months of age, your puppy can already learn commands and execute them.

it’s in their genes

Golden Retrievers were required to be attentive, eager, and energetic to fulfill their original task of hunting felled ducks in the Scottish marshland, which are essential learning skills.

they are very obedient

The gundog skills of Golden Retrievers are also advanced. They can read and interpret the commands of their hunter and respond accordingly. They need to be good at obedience. These essential training requirements will make your Golden Retriever’s training easy.

How Much Food Should an Old 8 Week Golden Retriever Eat?

8 week Golden Retriever puppies eat approximately a half cup of food every three days.
This can change depending on what food you feed your puppy and how active they are. Ask your vet or breeder for advice.
Regarding feeding your Golden, there is no one size fits all.
At this stage, puppies require more frequent meals than adult Goldens. Therefore, three meals per day are recommended.
Golden Retriever at 8 weeks undergo so much growth at this age, so feed them high-quality foods that will support their maturing.
Goldens are very hungry and will happily eat whatever you give them.
Slow feeder bowls or other food dispensing toys can slow their eating pace and give them mental stimulation.

How to Handle a Golden Retriever 8 Weeks Puppy Biting?

For 8 week Golden Retriever, nipping and biting are pervasive behaviors. Puppies love to put things in their mouths to learn and have fun. keep in mind, That puppy teeth can cause severe pain to humans. As you move through this stage, remember that your puppy isn’t trying to cause you pain. They’re simply a puppy. You can, however, do some things to lessen and even stop the biting.

First, ensure that your Golden Retriever puppy eight weeks gets enough sleep.Puppy who is too tired tends to become very frenzied and bitey. So naps are essential to keep your puppy from becoming a piranha.

Toys and chew toys should be kept around the house. This will allow you to easily redirect your dog’s focus from your skin or clothing into something more appropriate.

It might seem like your floor is cluttered, but toys can be quickly redirected if you need them.

You can also give your dog a break if they are having a bad day.You can either step over a baby gate, or place them in their pen. Once they are calmed down, you can resume play. This tells the puppy they can’t bite you and that the fun is over.

One common rule for dealing with puppy biting is not to yelp when they nip. Instead, treat them as if they were adults. Some puppies might be afraid of the sound. You want to establish a trusting, positive relationship with your dog. If you scare them, they might not want to be near you.Other puppies will get even more excited by your yelp sound and may come at you with greater intensity, leading to more problematic bites.


It is both thrilling and overwhelming to bring home a 8 week Golden Retriever puppy. You won’t get much sleep for the first week and likely have battle wounds from their sharp needle teeth. Be patient, and remember that this time will help your puppy build a lifetime bond with your family. Just relax and enjoy watching your puppy grow. The golden years of puppyhood don’t last long, so take advantage of them. Have fun!