English vs American Golden Retriever: Breeder’s Review


English vs American Golden Retriever

English vs American Golden Retriever; which one is best for you?

The Golden Retriever is one of the most well-known dog breeds. It’s been a popular choice for more than 30 years. There’s no doubt that Retrievers are adorable pets thanks to their charming and cheerful personality.

When people think of a  Golden retriever, they typically envision a fluff and golden-colored dog that appears as if it’s smiling. But, they’re often shocked to discover several varieties of golden Retrievers.

Every variety has distinct traits, and if you’re planning to adopt one, it’s essential to determine which kinds of Retrievers will best fit your lifestyle.

From their physical traits to personalities and possible health issues, every kind of Retriever has distinct characteristics depending on their breeding background.

In this article, we’ll examine the significant distinctions between American and English Golden Retrievers.

English Golden Retriever vs American: The Main Differences

The Golden Retriever was accepted in many countries, such as; the United States and England, which led to the establishment of two breed standards.

The American Golden Retriever and the English Golden Retriever don’t belong to two different breeds. However, they are both acknowledged as ‘Golden Retrievers’ according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

All over Europe, English Golden Retrievers are referred to as Golden Retrievers in Europe. In America, they are commonly known as English Golden Retrievers. To distinguish these dogs from American Golden Retrievers, you need to learn differences in their physical characteristics and colours.

English vs American Golden Retriever, here are the main differences between them:


People will immediately notice the most significant aspect when they compare American vs English Golden Retriever colour. The English Retriever has a light colour coat compared to the American Golden Retrievers.

English Retriever: According to The Kennel Club, Any shade of cream or gold is acceptable, but mahogany or red is not allowed.

American Retriever: The American Kennel Club allows for golden lustrous and rich in different shades. Extremely light or dark coats are not allowed.


The English Retriever have a thicker and shorter coat when contrasted with its American counterpart.

English Retriever: The coat appears smooth or wavy, with excellent feathering and a thick waterproof undercoat.

American Retriever: The coat is water-resistant and dense and has moderate feathering. Its coat has a little more length than The English Retriever.


There is a distinct difference in English vs American Golden Retriever size. A Retriever from England is smaller and bulkier, while the American Retriever is more petite and taller.

English Retriever: Males have a height of 22-24″” (56-61cm) at the withers. Females are 20-22 in (51-56cm). The Kennel Club standards do not define weight. However, it is stated that the topline must be straight to straight back quarters.

American Retriever: Males are 23-24 (58-61cm) at the withers. Females are 21.5-22.5″ (55-57cm). The maximum weight that males can safely carry is 65-75 pounds, and females 55-65 pounds. The backline slopes a bit.

Head and Skull

The English Golden Retriever vs American head is different. The head of the English Retriever is larger and boxier than the American Golden Retriever.

English Retriever: The skull appears large with a well-chiselled and balanced muzzle.

American Retriever: The skull is large with a straight muzzle that blends in with the head. The profile is a little narrower.


When you examine an English vs American Golden Retriever eyes, you will find a noticeable difference in colour and shape. English Retrievers’ eyes are larger and more round.

English Retrieval: The eyes are far apart and moderately sized. Eye colour is brown, with a preference for a darker brown.

American Retriever: The eyes are affectionate and intelligent in their expression. They are medium-sized and separated well. The dark brown colour is preferred, and medium brown is also acceptable. The eyes are narrower and slightly slanted. Eyes with triangular shapes are not suitable.

English vs American Golden Retriever Health and Life Expectancy

American Golden Retriever

The lifespan for American Golden Retrievers ranges from 10-11 years. This is somewhat less compared to the typical life expectancy for their English counterparts and other breeds of retrievers.
One possible reason for this shorter life span is the increased risk of developing cancer in American Golden Retrievers.
The cancer rate for American Goldens is at an alarming 60 %. Pet owners point to breeders in the backyard as one of the causes of this high cancer rate.

Alongside cancers, some common health concerns in American Golden Retrievers include progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand disease, luxating patella, and bloat.

While health problems like these are prevalent for American Golden Retrievers, these dogs are not having any of these.
You can assist your dog in living an illness-free lifestyle by regularly attending veterinarian visits, the proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

English Golden Retriever

The lifespan of English Golden Retrievers is approximately 12 years. They also are susceptible to cancer. However, they have a lower risk than American Goldens. On average, about 38 % of English Goldens have cancer.

Common cancers in English Golden Retrievers are lymphoma, cell tumours, and osteosarcoma.

Apart from the various types of cancer, The English Golden Retrievers have health issues. They suffer from Von Willebrand disease, bloat, atopic dermatitis, and hip dysplasia.

It is important to note that the majority of illnesses is curable, As a Golden Retriever owner, your responsibility is to ensure that your dog stays in top health, by watching out for any early signs and providing the highest quality pet care.

English vs American Golden Retriever Personality and Temperament

Golden Retrievers are loyal and peaceful pets who love hanging around with their families. However, there are specific differences between the personality traits of American vs English Golden Retriever.

Under proper training, English Goldens are mature and well-behaved. They’re not particularly hyper or excessively active. Contrary to the American Golden Retrievers are more active and are a little more stubborn. Many owners have also noticed that they’re more active in their behaviour before training.

Intelligence and Ease of Training

Golden Retrievers are extremely intelligent pets. The English Goldens and their American counterparts ranke 4th among the most trainable breeds with the highest levels of intelligence and behaviour, making them the most popular show dogs.
Their cognitive capabilities also indicate that they’re incredibly entertaining to train and simple to teach with their speedy and eagerness to learn. However, some owners say the English Goldens can be more docile than American Goldens because of their calm and obedient nature.

Energy Levels

If we compare the characteristics of an English Golden Retriever puppy and an American Golden Retriever puppy, there are noticeable differences in their first few days.

While Golden Retrievers are active dogs by nature American Golden Retrievers can have more energy than English Golden Retrievers, at the very least during the beginning two years. Both breeds require daily play and attention to ensure they are healthy and content.

Loyal and Loving Traits

Golden Retrievers are wonderful family dogs, and they love humans. They are friendly towards their owners; however, they’re not shy and will show love towards strangers too.

They are also very affectionate dogs that travel with their owners and take on whatever they can get their hands on! American Goldens and the English Goldens love to please their owners. They are excellent with children.

Love For Water

Retrievers love water, They are great water-lovers with their acute perception of scent, water-resistant coats, and webbed paws. The good thing is that you won’t have problems when you bathe them. In reality, your only concern is convincing them that you’re ready to leave after a day on the beach.


English vs American Golden Retriever? the answer should be clear now. No matter if they are English or American Golden Retrievers. Without a doubt, they are excellent pets. Their training capabilities and affectionate, warm dispositions make them great working dogs. With a few physical distinctions and perhaps smaller differences in their energy levels, both breeds of Retriever are a winner in a family and home who loves to go out playing, having fun, and bond with their pet.