Red Golden Retriever : The Truth Behind This Mysterious Breed


Red Golden retriever

Are you interested in a Golden Retriever but want something a little different? A Red Golden might be Are you interested in a Golden Retriever but want something a little different? A Red Golden might be the perfect companion for you. These dogs are one of the friendliest and most beautiful breeds available. Although this breed has been around for a while, still some people know a little about them, or they seem to mistake them with the Irish Setter, the Red Golden Retriever is a purebred Golden, but with red coloring. There can also be some differences in appearance and temperament, but they’re pretty much alike.

So if you have questions about Golden Retriever red, In this article, we will look at these dogs to answer some of your questions.

Let’s dive in !

Facts About Red Golden Retrievers

Until this day, many people seem to mistake a red Golden Retriever with another breed, and not knowing that he is part of the Golden family.

Here are some fun facts about the red Golden Retriever puppy:

a. Red Retrievers are ineligible for dog shows.

Although the red Golden is part of the Golden family, he isn’t considered being part of the Golden Retriever’s breed standard. In this kind of show, dogs must be regarded as an “example of the breed,” in other words, they need to represent all the breed’s standard features. Because of that, they’re usually ineligible for shows. Even if your red Puppy takes part, there is a high chance that he will lose because of a significant number of points for their coat coloring.

b. Red Golden Retrievers have soft mouths

As all golden, red retriever have soft mouths to pick up the hunted game without damaging it, which makes them the perfect babysitter for your little kids. They can also easily interact with children, even ones who are being rough with them, without putting them in danger.

C. Red Retriever is the smallest in the family

Golden Retrievers are famous for their big bodies, however, when it comes to red Golden Retriever, they are the smallest in the family. Which makes them perfect for hunting. Unlike the standard Golden Retrievers, they are more muscular than their companion cousins. Despite This size difference, it doesn’t mean they make lousy companion dogs. Red field Golden Retrievers have a goofy personality as all Goldens. But they’ll need to be exercised more frequently and a little more rigorously to get out all their energy.

D. Red Retrievers are a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter.

Originally, the red Retriever was initially a crossbreed between the Irish Setter and the Golden Retriever to get their characteristic red coat coloring.

When it comes to energetic, sporty, and friendly gun dogs, Irish Setters are very similar to Golden Retrievers. However, the Irish setter has the upper hand when it comes to the hunting ability, so to improve their hunting abilities and give them the beautiful mahogany coat they mixed these two breeds.

How To Find A Red Golden Retriever Breeder?

Looking for a red puppy can be very challenging, especially if you are looking for a high-quality breed like Golden Retrievers. It’s always harder to find puppies in unusual colors than ones that fit the common breed standard.

Depending on where you are in the world, here are three tips that are going to help you find a red Golden Retriever:

  • Start with asking someone you know that owns red Retriever. They can give you referrals to where you need to start looking.
  • Join a Facebook group to look for good information that can help you find a red Golden Retriever with a good price.
  • Visit your local animal shelters.
  • Breeders are a guaranteed place to find a red retriever. However, they may be a bit more expensive than the other options that I mentioned before, but I guarantee you that you will get a healthy dog.

What’s the Price of Red Golden Retriever Puppies?

The average cost of a standard Golden Retriever puppy ranges from $800 and up from a reputable breeder. However, if you are looking for a red Retriever expect to pay much more as the demand for him is much higher, and it is rarer.

Buying your red puppy from a reputable breeder you are guaranteed a healthy puppy, because you can ask to see them and their living conditions. This is particularly important for the Golden Retriever given their high chance of developing Cancer.

Keep in mind that there are extra fees that you need to consider too when adopting a Golden Retriever red, such as, the right toys, the puppy crate made for goldens, and also plan in advance for unexpected vet trips.

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Is The Red Color The Only Difference Between Red Retriever And Standard Golden ?

Although the red color is the major difference between standard Golden Retriever and red Golden Retrievers, there are extra other differences to be aware of.

a. Red Golden Retriever Excels in Hunting

Red retrievers are excellent for hunting, while goldens are bred to be a family pet, service dogs, or a show dog. As a result, unique characteristics have become dominant.

b. Golden Retriever Red has a Smaller Body

Out of all goldens family, red retrievers are slightly smaller and lighter than standard goldens.

The Male red retrievers are usually 22-23 inches tall, and weigh at the lower end of the 65 to 75-pound, on the other hand, Golden Retriever often grows an extra inch or two. For females, red retrievers will weight 55- to 65-pound range, which is standard for Golden Retrievers, and tend to be 20 to 21 inches tall, while female Golden Retrievers will be an inch taller.

C. Red field Golden Retrievers Have Masculine Body

Red retrievers have more athletic build and are more streamlined than other goldens and have a little more energy, due to how small and how they initially crossbreed between the Irish Setter and the Golden Retriever.

D. Red retrievers have shorter fur

Golden are known for shedding a lot because of their double coat, which is part of the reason they are prolific shedders. However, the red Golden Retriever is a little shorter, which means they shed a little bit less and need a little less grooming.

Things to Know When Owning a Red Golden Retriever:

Food & Diet Requirements

Red retriever is highly active and playful dogs, so they require food that is planned for active, medium-sized dogs. That includes a high protein content meal.

In addition, you need to feed your Red Golden about two to three cups of dry food each day, and you should split this into two meals.

Keep in mind this breed is prone to obesity, so if you notice your pup is gaining weight, consult your vet for a proper diet


Although a red Golden Retriever doesn’t have a thick coat like a standard Golden Retriever, you should plan on daily grooming, or at least brushing every other day.

Brushing your red puppy every day will help keep your puppy’s coat healthy and will help reduce shedding. You also need to stop bathing him over 1 time a month, as it can deplete their natural skin oils and cause irritation and skin infection.

The Red Golden has floppy ears. As a result, there is a high chance it can lead to ear infections. So, avoiding this problem, wipe his ears once or twice a week to prevent any issues from arising.

Dental hygiene is another important thing you should monitor, so you may consider buying a dog toothbrush and cleaning his teeth once in a while.

Male vs Female

Male red retriever will typically be bigger and may have more energy than females. Beyond size, there isn’t much of a difference in personality between the two genders. Both will be extremely friendly and playful, and they’ll get along with other animals and people instantly.

Final thought.

Red Golden Retriever is the perfect fit pet for your family. They do not differ from traditional Goldens except in their coat color. These beautiful dogs will offer you the same love as any golden in an interesting and fun color.