This Is How To Take Care Of a Pregnant Golden Retriever


Pregnant Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever pregnancy may be the most exciting and stressful time for you and your dog! The process of pregnancy in all species requires special attention. So, how do you take care of a pregnant golden retriever?

If you want to take care of your golden retriever, ensure that they eat an appropriate, high-quality diet and do not work out excessively. Also, you should avoid giving them vaccinations during their pregnancy and ensure that you do not offer them calcium.

There are a few essential aspects to be aware of when caring for a pregnant Golden Retriever. This article will explain in detail the Golden mom’s diet and the amount of exercise that can be safe for her and the puppies. This article also discusses whether your Golden is pregnant or not and how long are golden retrievers pregnant.

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Golden Retriever Pregnancy signs

In the first few weeks, At the beginning of your Golden Retriever pregnancy, your Golden may get more affectionate than usual. She might begin following you and want to pet her every day. But certain dogs prefer to be alone. A lack of appetite and the dog’s equivalent to “morning sickness” are other indications of a dog’s pregnancy.

But, after a couple of weeks, the symptoms fade, and Golden is playful as always. The most prominent sign is an increase in appetite. It is not just that she regains her appetite, but she also eats quite a bit. There’s no need to incorporate puppy nutrition or other vitamins into her daily diet. You shouldn’t make it a habit under any circumstance! Dietary changes are hazardous as they can cause the birth of milk fever. It is an illness that could be fatal if it is very fast-growing.

Feed her regular, high-quality adult dog food and feed her all the food she needs. If you feel that you’re required to include other kinds of adult-sized dog foods, mix it slowly with the regular food throughout the week to avoid an upset stomach. It is a good idea to allow your pregnant Golden Retriever all access to her food. She will have to eat lots of food, and her stomach cannot hold enough food in one go due to the pregnancy.

Therefore, it’s best if she eats less but more frequently. Don’t be concerned about her tendency to eat a lot, particularly when a pregnant golden Retriever breeds; the behavior generally is gone.

In the final 2 or 3 weeks, there’s no reason to restrict your Golden Retriever’s physical activity. The only thing to stay clear of is long walks or long-distance running. But, during the last two weeks, you have to be extremely vigilant not to bump her stomach. Otherwise, the pups could get pushed off the uterus, and their development may stop. This means you’ll be left with stillborn puppies.

It’s interesting to note how the amount of belly varies depending on where puppies are. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine if a dog is pregnant until the final 10 or 12 days. In the days leading up to due to the baby’s birth, she may begin to vomit the drinking water. You might also notice or feel milk flowing from her nose. But, this isn’t usually the case for first-time dog moms.

The process of deworming or worming and vaccinations aren’t advised in this Golden Retriever pregnancy. If it’s time to get the annual vaccination, wait until she is born, it’s okay to give it a shot while you’re nursing. If you’re still unable to administer dog deworming, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian regarding pregnancy-safe treatments.

How Long are Golden Retrievers Pregnant?

The typical Golden Retriever gestation period is around 64 days after conception, though this could be a bit different by a few days. While this may appear to be an easy answer, the actual process of conception is usually difficult to measure.

Sperm can last for several days within the female, and eggs can be fertile for as long as 48 hours. This means mating itself isn’t a precise measurement of gestation time. This makes it difficult to determine the duration of gestation without the help of a vet.

The hormone measurements provide a more precise time frame to estimate gestation.

Breeders often use blood tests and vaginal smears to track the hormones produced by reproductive organs throughout the breeding process. This helps them determine the most suitable time to breed their bumble, the duration of gestation, and the expected due date.

Gestation length based on precise hormone measurements:

  • 56-58 days from the first day of diestrus
  • 64-66 days from the initial rise in progesterone
  • 58-72 days from the first time the Golden allowed breeding

Dogs’ pregnancy duration is small compared to humans—approximately nine weeks. Understanding the Golden Retriever gestation period is crucial for the well-being of the mom and the fetus. It can be used to track the nutrition and veterinary treatment during the pregnancy.

Pregnant Golden Retriever Diet

A crucial aspect to watch during the pregnancy is the dog’s diet. A poor diet can lead to discomfort for your pet, so there are a few points to keep in mind:

Be sure they’re following a high-quality food regimen. If your golden is already eating high-quality food, you don’t have to worry about altering their diet until the end of the second month. However, if you’ve not paid attention to their food in the past, and they’re taking in less-quality products, make sure you invest the effort and time into purchasing a healthier and better quality food item for them. If you’ve been reluctant about spending money on food, it’s time to change that. Try something like the CANIDAE Pure Real Salmon (Amazon) as it’s a fantastic grain-free Kibble.

Feed them around 35-45 % more than their regular diet when they enter the second month of their pregnancy. Because they’re carrying a full litter, Golden will require more food as the pups begin to grow, as both mom and puppies will require more nutrients. As the second month draws near, gradually start feeding her more food until she’s eating 35 to 50 % more food than usual.

Give her small meals instead of bulky, large meals. If you feed your pregnant Golden Retriever massive meals, it can cause discomfort as her stomach is full of food all the time.

Make sure they’re taking enough liquids. Always check the water bowl. It should always be clean and full of fresh water. Hydrationis essential for your Golden Retriever pregnancy.

Please don’t feed them puppies food. People tend to alter their dog’s diet drastically, which isn’t an excellent decision. Although you can change the amount of food you give your dog, it is best to stick to the regular diet for adult dogs.

Please don’t give them treats or scraps of food. While it’s good to continue feeding them regular meals, you should try not to feed them leftovers or snacks at the table.

Training a Pregnant Golden Retriever

Particularly during the first month of pregnancy, it’s acceptable for the golden retriever to be active as usual. This means they can exercise or run based on their mood; However, there are some things to remember: Please don’t take them on long walks.

One method to ensure they are physically exercising is playing fetch, but do not throw the ball too far.

If you are a fan of walks, then you could bring your golden retriever on three to five short walks during the daytime.

Let them rest for the next 2-3 weeks before their due date. This is because the last two weeks are crucial for pups’ well-being. If the mother is bumped or slammed too hard on her abdomen, some of their puppies might die.

Although you might be anxious about training your dog during birth, short exercise intervals will help the mother manage labor and delivery more effectively.


There are some things to be aware of when caring for a pregnant Golden Retriever. First, you must ensure that she eats regular, high-quality dog food. At the end of six weeks into the Golden Retriever gestation period, ensure that she’s eating 35 to 50 % more food than she would normally.

Bring your dog to the vet immediately if you notice any health concerns. Also, please do not vaccinate her during pregnancy unless your veterinarian recommends it.

If your Pregnant Golden Retriever’s belly grows, be sure they don’t engage in vigorous exercise. A short walk throughout your day would be the best. Don’t feed your dog supplements, particularly calcium, except if your veterinarian recommends it. Finally, keep in touch with your vet throughout the pregnancy.