Golden Retriever Ear Infection : Your dog is Going Deaf Without You Noticing!


Golden Retriever ear infection

Golden Retriever ear infection is a pervasive problem among this particular breed due to the shape of their ear canal. Dogs that swim frequently or have floppy ears are particularly susceptible because of the constant humidity in their ears, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

The positive side is that in many cases, by putting in a small effort from your side, it is possible to prevent ear infections. However, If your dog develops a Golden Retriever ear infection, and you seek medical attention immediately, the infection will likely be eliminated quickly and easily.

However, when Golden Retriever ear infection is not treated in its early stages, a more severe condition may develop, potentially leading to serious problems, such as; facial paralysis, balance and coordination problems, and extreme discomfort.

Are Golden Retrievers Prone To Ear Infections ?

Golden Retrievers are particularly susceptible to ear infections due to several reasons:

Golden Retriever thick hair

Golden Retrievers are known for their thick hair, especially on their ears. This hair is a reservoir of moisture and warmth, creating an ideal environment for the growth of yeast and bacteria.

Golden Retriever floppy ears

Golden Retrievers have floppy ears. Dogs with floppy ears are more likely to suffer higher rates of ear infection than dogs with ears that sit up. Floppy ears trap the warmth and moisture, allowing yeast and bacteria to multiply.

Golden Retriever Allergies

Golden Retrievers are susceptible to thyroid diseases and allergies. These are among the causes of Golden Retriever ear infection.

What Are the Signs of a Golden Retriever Ear Infection?

If your dog is diagnosed with an ear infection, they are likely to be discomfort and may experience unpleasant signs. In case your dog exhibits any of the symptoms of an ear infection, make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately to examine your dog ear infection Golden Retriever. Early treatment of ear problems can prevent more severe symptoms from appearing.

Scratching or Pawing at the Ear

When your dog’s problem is not severe or has just begun, they may start to scratch or paw their ears more often. It is because their ears are beginning to hurt or itchy. The symptoms could worsen with time when the Golden Retriever ear infection isn’t treated.
Your dog might also scratch or paw at their ear when it’s just itchy. In this situation, the pawing should stop when the itching has gone off. If the pawing persists for several days, your dog is likely suffering from an ear infection, not a regular, itchy ear.

Head Tilt and Shaking

A commonly observed first sign of Golden Retriever ear infection is the head tilt that often occurs in conjunction with head shaking. If the pressure in your dog’s ear increases to the condition, they usually turn their head to one side to ease the tension. They might also shake their head often to relieve the pressure on their ears that causes discomfort.

Head tilt and shaking can also be indicators of neurological issues in dogs. If this is the only symptom you notice, bring your dog to a vet for a complete examination.

Loss of Balance

As humans, canines depend upon their ears to maintain their balance. When an ear infection worsens, it could alter your dog’s balance and cause them to be unbalanced when walking. They might stumble and have trouble going through the steps for similar reasons.

Your dog should visit a veterinarian as soon as possible if they’re suffering from a loss of balance because it may indicate a Golden Retriever ear infection.

Strong Smell from the Ear

Golden Retrievers with moderate-to-severe Ear infections can also suffer from a solid unpleasant smell emanating from the ear. The scent could originate from the outside of the ear. However, it is more likely to be a source of odor that forms deep inside the ear.

This condition is due to bacteria in your dog’s ear. As the infection worsens, your dog’s ear becomes more infested with bacteria, and the scent worsens.

Swelling and Redness of the Ear

As the ear inflammation progresses from the mild to the more severe stage, it can cause your dog’s ear to be red and swollen. It could be evident in the outer ear shell or only visible when you examine the ear. Whatever the case, treating your dog for this problem is essential as soon as possible.

A red and swollen ear will likely be extremely sensitive to the contact, so be careful not to rub your dog’s ears more than you need to. It is necessary to administer drops for their ear from your Vet; however, allow the ear to heal so you can avoid aggression due to the dog’s discomfort.

Oozing out of the Ear

A severe Golden Retriever ear infection can cause Oozing out of the ear. It usually happens because of pus exuding from the disease and can appear white, green, or brown in most cases.

This uncomfortable stage of ear infection signifies that the situation has become more dangerous, and your dog could suffer from hearing loss if they don’t receive urgent medical intervention.

How To Prevent Ear Infections In Golden Retrievers?

The prevention of ear infections is essential to having a healthy and happy puppy and can be done quickly at your home.
Here are three essential steps to avoid an ear infection Golden Retriever.

Keep your dog’s ears clean.

Clean your dog’s ears using an ear cleaner that your Vet suggests. Clean the ears after swimming or bathing. If your Golden Retriever starts to scratch their ears and shake its head or if you notice an accumulation of wax inside the ear, clean its ears Immediately to avoid a dog ear infection Golden Retriever.

Make sure that your dog’s ears stay dry.

It’s often more challenging to do than it is said. Regularly cleaning your ears is the best method to ensure this. Just make sure to dry them thoroughly while cleaning. It is possible to place cotton balls inside the ear canals when you give them baths to stop water from leaking down the ear canal.

Examine your dog’s ears frequently.

During your regular dog-care routine, ensure that you check your dog’s ears frequently, even if they don’t show symptoms of infection. Periodic inspections will allow you to detect an ear infection in the early stages and prevent it from becoming an extensive infection that can make your dog uncomfortable. Check your Golden Retriever’s ears regularly to avoid any complications in the future.

How To Treat Golden Retriever Ear Infection

If you suspect your dog has a Golden Retriever ear infection The first thing you need to do is take your dog to your Vet.
Your Vet will perform complete physical exams, including inspecting the outside and inside of your dog’s ears. A sample will be taken from the ear’s debris and looked at microscopically for confirmation that there is an infection. It is usually a mix of yeast and bacteria. Understanding the kind of infection your dog is suffering from helps your physician determine the best treatment. Your Vet will conduct an extensive ear cleanse so that they can thoroughly check the insides of the ears to ensure that the eardrum is in good condition. They will then discuss the treatment plan, which usually includes ear-drops and a cleaning program.

Clean your dog’s ears as prescribed and apply an ointment after removing the debris. Sometimes, the earache is treatable with a medication that your doctor can apply to your Golden Retriever’s ears. In certain situations, your dog may require oral medications for the condition to cure any allergies.

If you’re not sure how to clean the ears of your dog, be sure you consult your Vet for guidance on how to clean them correctly. It is crucial to follow your veterinarian’s advice and return for a second visit to ensure the infection is gone completely.

is a Golden Retriever ear infection home remedy effective?

The answer is simple: there is no Golden Retriever ear infection home remedy that will heal your dog’s ear completely. Dog ear infections require treatment from a vet and medication to restore the health of the ear canal.

After the Vet has examined your pet’s health, they’ll decide if additional home treatments are needed, if a bit of debris is found, and if the eardrum is in good condition.

Dr. Wendy Brooks, DVM, DABVP, notes that when a lot of debris is present, the veterinarian should conduct an extensive deep cleaning even if the pet is sedated.


The ear infection is a typical and frequently recurring problem for Golden Retrievers. However, with your Vet’s assistance, it is possible to keep your dog’s ears healthy and at ease. If your dog’s ears are suffering from signs of an infection, get treatment now to ensure that the problem doesn’t become severe.